Logo maker sites are websites that you can use to create logos online. The logo maker site is a great alternative for those of you who want to create a logo for a blog, business, or for any purpose.

You may need to pay hundreds of thousands of rupiah if you use the services of a designer to create a logo. But with the logo maker site, you can save a lot of money, and make your own logo as much as you want.

6 Logo Maker Sites to Make a Free Online Logo

This logo maker site is easy to use and provides various features to make it easier for you to create a logo as you wish.

After that, you can download the logo that you created. All can be done in just a few minutes, and it's free.

Each logo maker site has advantages and disadvantages, which I will explain below:

1. DesignEvo

DesignEvo is a leading free online logo maker on the list that you can consider. The best thing about DesignEvo is that it can turn simple logo thinking into reality.

DesignEvo now has three packages including free ones. However, the free one is useless because it adds a watermark to the logo. In addition, DesignEvo offers many logo templates to choose from and it is one of the best logo websites that you can visit if you are running some logo idea. Also, Designevo has lots of features:

  • 10,000+ logo templates
  • Millions of professionally designed icons available to search through.
  • All of the logos can be fully customized to get a unique look.
  • High-quality SVG and PDF logo files can be scaled to any size without pixelating.

2. OnlineLogoMaker

OnlineLogoMaker has a look like a photo editor program so that you can add layer objects to the logo that is created. This logo maker site provides lots of free clipart images, but if you want you can also upload your own photos to put on your own logo. You can adjust the logo size as desired and download the finished logo in PNG format. You can create a logo and download it immediately, without having to create an OnlineLogoMaker user account. But if you need a long time to create a logo, you should register for an account at OnlineLogoMaker. So that your logo can be saved and edited again later. Despite having many features that are free to use, but you will not be confused by it. Because these features are displayed simply so they are easy to use.

3. Free Logo Design

The Free Logo Maker site provides many easy-to-use features. There is a large collection of free images that can be used. Plus, you can also upload your own photo to put on the logo. Features provided by Free Logo Maker include: aligning tools, circular text tools, transparency of text and images, layers to move text/images forward or backward, and other features. You don't have to create an account to create a logo here. The logo that has been created can be downloaded in PNG format in 1920 × 1920 size.

4. Cool Text

Cool Text is an online logo maker site that provides many text designs that can be used as templates to create logos. So you don't have to upload photos or draw lots of lines on a canvas.

You can add several text designs to one logo. After that, you can adjust the text design as desired. For that you can use a gradient, glow, outline color, text angle, shadow, and other features. You can save your logo design in the PNG image format.

5. SimWebSol

In SimWebSol, you can adjust fonts. As well as adding special effects such as 3D, shadow, flip and stroke to the text. SimWebSol also provides many small symbols that can be added to the logo design. But it can only be added to the right or left side of the text. This symbol is difficult to place on the other side. Logo designs can be downloaded in JPG, GIF or PNG image formats. If you want to download a logo design without a background color, be sure to check the Transparent option before downloading. In essence, SimWebSol is a good logo maker site for creating logo text. But if you need more than just a logo text, you should use another logo maker.

6. LogoFactory

Logo Factory is actually not a logo maker site that I recommend, although it's free. Because Logo Factory has many limitations. The advantages of Logo Factory are: it's quite easy to use to create a solid logo, the design results can be downloaded in JPG image format, and you can use it for free without having to create a user account. While the disadvantages are: can only add one image and two lines of text. Although the fonts on both lines of text can be adjusted. That still doesn't make it better. Because the image on the logo cannot be changed, it can only be resized.