As usual, this summer sun broke its record and start pinching us with its waves. People are grilled by workload and temperature. Want to hang out some cool and boasting place to resume yourself again with full energy? Then there is nothing best than going for a vacation in Thailand. A place full of excitement, Thailand doesn’t lack in giving you some of the world’s best beaches and resorts. The mysterious ruins of ancient cities, rushy capital Bangkok and world-class Thai foods. For making your trip unforgettable here is the list of 8 best places you must visit in Thailand.

1. Koh Phi Phi

One of the most loved beach and resort area of movies and Asia, located between islands of Malacca coast and Phuket, the Koh Phi Phi island provide relaxing environments with adventurous activities. ‘Long beach’ is best for beach sports like volleyball and rope stretching and a perfect spot for witnessing stunning sunsets. Water activities like Kayaking, diving, jet rides are available near shores. Most popular area of Koh Phi Phi is the Monkey Beach, where friendly monkeys give you company in enjoyment. You can get great discount on ticket booking online using TicketGoose coupons.

2. The Grand Palace

Bangkok, a place usually famous for resorts also provide a unique experience from The Grand Palace. The architecture and design of the Palace is insane, Chinese- European designed rooms and roofs submerged in white-golden and brown color makes it Tourists favorite picture-point. Despite ceremony halls, rooms the major attraction is Wat Phra Kaeo, the Buddha temple which has Buddha’s hair and bone. Tourist spent at least a day here, exploring and meditating.

3. Sunday Walking Street

The best place to witness the glorious taste of maximum Thailand’s cuisine in a cheaper way. Located in Chiang Mai, this night market is always filled with tourists. Dishes such as Bananas fries, cakes, samosas, chicken lollipop, dim sum and varieties of barbeques costs less than a dollar or two. Also, there arestalls which sell wall-hanging, cutleries, dyes, T-shirts and handmade wooden decorative. There are also decent accommodations facilities here so, if you want to boost your night with dance, music and shopping don’t miss the chance of Sunday Walking Street.

4. Pai

Maximum beaches in Thailand are crowdy because tourists just run towards southern parts to get the relaxing posh environment. But there is nature’s special in northern region, Pai, a small craggy yet de-stressing town is a perfect place to give yourself peaceful time with great accommodations and classical cuisines. Surrounded by mountains and situated beside the lap of rivers, Pai binds you with the locals and their culture. There are temples, waterfalls, water activities like rafting and diving, night markets and regular dance shows. Pai environment will defiantly relax you and boost your energy for next destinations.

5. Sukhothai Old City

The perfect place to merge yourself with the culture and history of Thailand, Sukhothai city 400km from Bangkok was once the capital of ancient Thailand and thus holds some brilliant architecture and ruins. The major attractions here is UNESCO world heritage site Sukhothai Park, which still has well-preserved city ruins from the 13th century, Ramkhamhaeng Museum, Wat Saohan Hin buddha temple, Satchanalai National Park. Don’t miss the chance to click photos with one in the world things at his picture spot of Thailand.

6. Khao Yai National Park

Thailand trip without elephants sightseeing and safari is incomplete. Elephants importance in Thailand can be seen by their statues and carving on every street. Khao Yai National Park provides the most suitable natural environment to experience them closely. There are varieties of monkeys, birds, hornbills and elephants living in this 2000sq. km forest. Famous film ‘The Beach’ was shot near the Haew Narok, a 150m tall waterfall in the park. The whole place takes at least 2 days of exploration, you can easily find small cottages in and outside the park.

7. Ayutthaya

Considered as the highly predominant place in spirituality, Ayutthaya gives you some never seen ruins and monuments located beautifully above three rivers. The Island is hardly an hour from Bangkok. Major attractions like Wat Mahathat, Wat Phra Sri Sanphet or Chaiwatthanaram will take you into the ‘300’ or ‘Troy’ movie sets. Wat Chaiwatthanaram is also famous for its collection of 100+ Buddha sitting statues. The main gathering location Ayutthaya Historical Park consists ruin of a full-size city which was once the capital. Don’t forget to hydrate yourself regularly and visiting “The Summer House”, a local deserts master. You can apply for AirAsia recruitment to know about this field.

8. Bangkok’s Floating Market

Thailand’s trip can’ t be completed without enjoying the world-famous Floating Markets. Filmed in James Bond movies like ‘The man with a Golden Gun’, this picturesque market is best your final shopping. There are five major markets Damnoen Saudak, Talin Chan, Amphawa, Bang Nam and Khlong Lat among which the Damneon is most popular because of its size and huge numbers of boats. If Damneon is far from you then go for Amphawa, famous for fruits and decorative and provide you aesthetic feel. Wake up as early as you can and quickly join the market to get full disturbance-free experience.